Maldives looks ahead for new international airline

Maldives is set to experience the birth of a new international airline; as part of a new foreign investment should the state government gives the green signal.

A high ranking official of the island nation's government confirmed to Avas Online the permit for a foreign investment strictly attached to the possible inception of a new international airline in Maldives has been pushed for government approval.

The unnamed official confirmed government is expected to give green signal to the request.

"This involves a tedious procedure to it and they have been asked to present a feasibility study," the official on condition of anonymity spoke.

While rumors related to the venture indicate the new international airline will fly to European destinations as well as far-East with its base of operation set in Maldives.

Previously another airline; Mega Maldives based its operation in Maldives with direct flights to several eastern destinations including China. The airline proved a tourism booster to Maldives, however due mismanagement and financial setback eventually led to the company's bankruptcy and it currently awaits complete liquidation.

Maldivian is currently the only in-bound and out-bound airline set in the island nation, thus making it the country's only 'homegrown' one as well as the national airline. Over the course of several years the airline had expanded its fleet and flying territory.

Maldivian currently enjoys directs flights to China, India, Thailand and Bangladesh.

Meanwhile famous local tourism corporation Universal Enterprises through its subsidiary act Reollo Travel is set to introduce a new seaplane brand dubbed 'Manta Air.' The airline is expected to launch later in 2018 with a fleet of 4 standard seaplanes and 3 ATRs.