LGA probes MDP primary participating councilors

Local Government Authority (LGA) is conducting probes into the involvement of local council authority councilors in the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) primary elections.

The councils main watchdog and top-authority, LGA had sent letters to several of the council branches in various islands regarding the participation of their respective councilors in the MDP primary; which according to both state and Elections Commission (EC) was constitutionally unlawful.

LGA has demanded to present detailed explanation or briefings to the authority by all the council branches regarding the events preceding and succeeding the MDP primaries held in islands under question as well as the movement of councilors on the voting day.

MDP went forth with its internal election with former president Mohamed Nasheed as the sole candidate while Civil Court issued a cessation order on the proceedings to be executed by Maldives Police Service.

Meanwhile the country's electoral watchdog is currently deliberating about a course of disciplinary or administrative action to be taken against the prime opposition party for fully disregarding EC demands and going ahead with the primary.