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Artificial beach renovation leaves skaters without a park

The only designated area for local skateboarders in the capital city Male' has been demolished as part of a full renovation project of the east-side artificial beach.

With the only skate-park in town gone local skaters have to choose the alternative at the suburban town; Hulhumale' but many are voicing concerns and disappointment.

"The park was created by us skaters with our own blood, sweat and tears. We bore the expense of creating it and carried the cement on our backs, but now its gone!" an upset skater voiced his disheartened sentiment.

The skate-park is frequented by seasoned skaters, amateurs and enthusiastic learners almost on a daily basis despite the park's visibly limited skating space. Many skaters reside in the capital and heading to the suburbs everyday can be heavy on their expenses as well as tedious.

"Heading to Hulhumale' everyday for skating is not as easy as one might think," another skater expressed his frustration.

"Some of us go there [skate-park] everyday. Think about it, going to Hulhumale' for either football practices or gym is not easy for those who attend to these activities and they choose the option that does not involve this kind of traveling. We need a place in Male' to skate otherwise we are losing our recreational ground," Ahmed Hamdhaan, a seasoned skater commented.

According to Hamdhaan with the only area for skating in Male' gone everyone from the skating community is currently disenchanted.

The skate-park has been demolished in order to fully renovate the artificial beach area into a modern and more visually pleasing venue initiated by the Housing Ministry.

While government promises the venue to transform into a more current and appealing setting, they have so far not revealed the layout or design of the location. Moreover the ministry had not specified the discarded and added features to the new renovated beach area. This puts the future of a renewed skate-park popping up at its old spot ambiguous.