Maziya SC manages narrow win against Victory SC

Maziya Sports Club managed a surprisingly narrow win against the once regarded best team Victory Sports Club with a final minute goal.

The final minute score in Maziya vs Victory was 1 against 0 in the former's favor and places them at a 10 point difference from the leader New Radiant Sports Club.

Maziya has managed a 24 pointer from 13 matches while the league's leading team New Radiant rests at top spot with 34 points.

Though the game ended with just one goal capped from Maziya into Victory's net the former had managed to create several opportunities to transpire them into goals.

Before Maziya team's Stewart had pushed the final minute goal, several opportunities were created by their captain Asadulla Abdulla as well as Naiz Hassan.

Ahmed Nashid, who transferred to Victory Sports Club in 2018 and is currently showcasing commendable play had created similar opportunities to shoot at Maziya's goal despite it falling short of becoming actual back-of-the-net ones.

Saturday night's game will see United Victory pitted against Club Eagles with the former getting completely shut out from Premier League spot if they lose the game, ensuring the spot for Green Street.