Ex-Home Min promises convict tags, canines to counter drugs

Former home minister Umar Naseer has promised to actively counter drugs and gang crime from Maldives.

Addressing the people of Maldives through a video message, Naseer who earlier announced he will be contesting in 2018 presidential election revealed his mandated policies to counter drugs and gang crime.

Through a series of video messages released on regular intervals Umar Naseer speaks to public addressing his many promises for the administration should he win the upcoming elections.

In his video message the former home minister had lambasted over previous governments for their inaction to significantly control gang crime and violence as well as the trade and use of drugs.

While pointing out that most inmates are drug abusers and victims, Naseer criticized the lack of facilitating these individuals into rehabilitation centers over lack of space or programs.

He also promised to form a special drug enforcement unit tying both drug countering units under Maldives Police and Maldives Customs. The promised drug enforcement unit will be granted special authority to better attend drug related cases according to Naseer.

Naseer also promised to increase sniffing dogs which will be stationed at the entry to the country; mainly at the airport and commercial harbor venues through which merchandise and goods are imported.

Furthermore the former home minister pledged to improve awareness in students and children through various health and awareness camps and programs, adding special programs will be directed towards drug victims to help them rehabilitate and join the community as law abiding citizens.

Umar Naseer is among the three presidential candidates who have officially announced they will be contesting in the election. Incumbent president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom is running for his second term at the office.

Though he pledged allegiance to local business tycoon Gasim Ibrahim's Jumhooree Party, Umar Naseer is contesting in the presidential election as an independent candidate.