'Infamous' footballer makes comeback post jail-time

Promising goalkeeper who shot to local fame a few years back, Labaan Rasheed is set to make his comeback after three years of absence from field.

Rasheed was convicted of instigating unrest during the infamous May-Day parade in 2015.

The young goalie will make his comeback through Green Street Football Club. Although he has signed up for the goalkeeper position of the team, he will not be included in the team's squad during the first leg of Dhivehi Premier League.

"We estimate it will take roughly two months time for Labaan to get back into shape, and [we] hope he can go to the pitch when the second leg kicks-off in September," a board member of the club noted, adding "we have signed him up for the following year as well since we do not plan to import a foreign goalie for the upcoming year."

The young keeper made his presence felt in the football ground first through school level competition. This led to several first division teams eyeing him and he eventually signed up for Club Eagles.

At the time of his incarceration he was serving as the designated goalie of Club Eagles.

According to his new club, the player requires rigorous physical training since his absence from field for three years had rendered him visibly unfit.