Housing Min extends flat form submission to August

Housing Ministry on Thursday has confirmed of their decision to extend the apartment application form submission date by end of August.

Initially the government body had set July as deadline for the application form submission period to public seeking sheltering.

The flats are granted under government initiated largest housing scheme titled 'Hiyaa Project'.

Housing Ministry had opened slots of 7,000 flats to which public must provide the application form after completing all mandatory fills. Points will be allocated based on various categories including general income of the family and expenditure.

The government department's minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu on Thursday noted a total of 4,767 flat application forms have been submitted to the ministry by July. However the authority has put forward the decision on extending the period due to several applications still pending submission.

Earlier application form retrieval and submission was carried out at Dharubaaruge, however housing minister has claimed they are attempting to facilitate the service from the ministry's ground floor.

Government initiated issuing application for the Hiyaa housing scheme on May 6. Housing Ministry reports a total of 40,000 forms were distributed by the end of May.

The flat/apartment categories include;

  • 01. Civil Servants - 1,000 flat units
  • 02. Male' residents - 1,000 flat units
  • 03. 'Dhaftharu' registrants - 1,044 flat units
  • 04. Doctors and Nurses - 475 flat units
  • 05. Teachers - 625 flat units
  • 06. Police Officers - 300 flat units
  • 07. MNDF Officers - 300 flat units
  • 08. Married couples aged between 18-40 - 1,000 flat units
  • 09. Single parents - 400 flat units
  • 10. Families with special needs children - 200 flat units
  • 11. Gulhifalhu flat snub recipients and individuals unable to settle for TATA flats - 300 flat units
  • 12. West-Maafannu designated - 256 flat units