Committee to question ex-housing minister over "Hiyaa Project"

Housing Minister of the former administration, Dr Mohamed Muizz is being summoned to the parliament for questioning about the ‘Hiyaa’ housing project initiated by the former administration. The mega social housing project was implemented during the tenure of president Yameen Abdul Qayyoom.

A letter sent to the former minister signed by the Secretary General of People’s Majlis Fathimath Niusha said the parliamentary Committee on National Development and Heritage wishes to meet Dr Muizz to obtain information regarding “Hiyaa Project”. The meeting is scheduled for next week Wednesday at 1100 hrs.

This is the second time Dr Muizz has been asked to attend a parliament committee during the current term of 19th parliament. He was earlier summoned by the Public Account Committee over the case of Noomadi Resort and Residence. Noomadi filed an arbitration case for terminating the contract awarded to develop 1,100 housing units, and the state believes Muizzu's testimony hurt the state's defense in the case.

Muizzu remains the only minister of the former administration that has been summoned by parliamentary committees.