Housing Minister congratulates PPM running-mate Dr. Shaheem

Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu on Saturday evening has congratulated ruling party's running-mate nominee for 2018 presidential election.

In his tweet, Dr. Muizzu noted that Dr. Shaheem was chosen as "running mate of the most visionary and successful president" the island nation has witnessed so far.

Meanwhile Fisheries Minister Dr. Mohamed Shainee and Economic Minister Mohamed Saeed had tweeted their felicitations on Dr. Mohamed Shaeem Ali Saeed getting nominated as ruling party's running-mate.

Both these cabinet ministers were strongly believed to win the running-mate slot prior to the ruling party's announcement.

In fisheries minister Dr. Shainee's tweet he had congratulated the religious cleric for getting ruling party's nod of approval to contest as running-mate in the upcoming presidential elections.

Economic Minister Saeed noted Dr. Shaheem was pivotal for president Abdulla Yameen to get re-elected through a single polling round, crediting the scholar with vast religious knowledge and diligence.

Apart from both fisheries and economic minister, several other government and ruling party affiliated members and ministers have congratulated Dr. Shaheem through various social media platforms.

Following shortly after PPM's announcement of nominating him as running-mate, Dr. Shaheem requested from Maldivian public to stand united and elect president Yameen through a single contesting round.

The ruling party made its announcement on Saturday evening after the party's council coinciding the nod to nominate Dr. Shaheem as its running mate.

Dr. Mohamed Shaheem has also been the first Islamic Minister under president Abdulla Yameen's administration when he was sworn back in 2013.

The former Islamic Minister resigned from his cabinet responsibilities shortly after Adaalath Party broke off the alliance with ruling party. Dr. Shaheem clashed with his former party, the religiously conservative Adaalath Party following its decision to break its ties with Abdulla Yameen's administration.

Dr. Shaheem was elected to president Abdulla Yameen's cabinet through Adaalath Party's slot.

The religious scholar is known for his close connection with Saudi royals and dignitaries. Interestingly the Maldives president is keen on further cementing the bilateral ties between the island nation and Arab league's major nation.