Dr. Shaheem calls 'May-Day' protest as greatest act of mutiny

The Progressive Party of Maldives' (PPM) running-mate Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed on Wednesday claimed the opposition led 'May-Day' protestant movement is by far the biggest act of mutiny towards the Maldivian state.

"If president Yameen wins getting re-elected as Maldivian president for the second term, it means he will be governing the country on his own without a coalition backing unlike last time. He faced several challenges and attempts to usurp his administration," Dr. Shaheem said.

The ruling party running-mate added, "May-Day parade is by far the biggest attempt to usurp president Yameen's administration, and by far the most well planned attempt at it."

Dr. Shaheem claimed if the opposition won in their mutiny against government, Maldives would have been lost to foreign powers shallowly accusing opposition of treason for associating themselves with external powers to topple the country's sovereignty.

He further went on to praise incumbent president for his commitment towards ridding Maldives from clutches or grips of foreign powers.

Dr. Shaheem credited president Abdulla Yameen as the true pioneer behind the urbanization of Maldives. He appraised the current head of state's strength and resilience in his attempt to drive the country's economy forward.