US, France tourist market boost in Maldives tourism

The holidaymaker market share of both United States and France to Maldives tourism increased significantly.

The direct result of Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation's (MMPRC) destination marketing at US increased tourists visiting the island nation from the said origin. So far a total of 20,584 US tourists have visited Maldives.

Last year during the first six months, the number of US tourists visiting Maldives reached 18,267 so the figure of 2018 is a 12.7% jump from its previous year.

According to statistical data collected, in last month (June) alone a total of 3,129 holidaymakers visited from US. Last year in June the number reached 2,754 thus marking a 13.6% jump.

Similarly the number of French tourists visiting Maldives so far reached 30,360 which is a 23.2% boost from last year's 24,645.

In the month of June exclusively, a total number of 1,057 tourists visited from France in 2018. This marks a 50.8% jump from last year's 701 French origin tourists visiting Maldives in the same period.

One prime reason behind French market's strong performance at local tourism can be attributed to the direct Paris flights to Velana International Airport which commenced last year.

Tourism Ministry statistics indicate that a total number of 93,786 holidaymakers visited Maldives in June while the accumulated total number of tourists visiting Maldives from January til end of June 2018 has reached 726,515.