Police rule out foul play in fatal accident in reclaimed suburb

Police on Tuesday released a video from CCTV cameras which has effectively ruled out foul play in a fatal accident in the reclaimed suburb Hulhumale late Friday.

The victim identified as 18 year old Mohamed Jazlan lost control of his motorbike after crossing a speed breaker setup over a de-watering pipe from a construction site.

Jazlan had suffered serious injuries and had been rushed to the Hulhumale hospital. But on request of his family, the victim was transferred to Tree Top Hospital in Hulhumale where he died shortly after.

However, there has been increasing calls on social media to launch an investigation claiming foul play.

Police in a statement said the footage from the CCTV cameras near the scene of the accident showed that Jazlan had been speeding and lost control of his bike after hitting the speed breaker.

The statement said the 18 year old who did not have a drivers license was alone at the time of the accident and dismissed claims of a hit and run.

The victim who works at a duty free shop at Velana International Airport (VIA) was reportedly an avid racer and a basketball player.