13 year old killed in fatal highway accident

A 13 year old girl has been killed in a highway collision.

The accident occurred Tuesday night near the end of the highway connecting Hulhumale' and the Sinamale' Bridge. The police said a collision between a motorcycle and a MTCC bus caused the accident.

A 51 year old woman was driving the motorcycle with her 13 year old daughter on the backseat as a passenger. The child was flung from the motorcycle upon collision and hit her head. Her helmet broke upon impact.

The girl was taken to Treetop Hospital in Hulhumale' while her mother was taken to Hulhumale' Hospital.

Hulhumale' Hospital said a 51 year old woman from GDh. Madaveli was taken to the hospital around 10.40pm on Tuesday night. She did not sustain serious injuries in the accident.

Police said the child had already passed away by the time she was taken to Tree Top Hospital.

Police said the bus involved in the accident drove off and fled the scene following the accident. The bus was stopped near the highway's U-turn and the 54 year old driver was eventually arrested.

Six motor accidents have been reported thus far in November. Earlier this year, a 31-year old Ukrainian tourist was killed in Hulhumale' when an MTCC bus ran over the 31-year old woman after the driver fell asleep at the wheel.