'Stopping on bridge, highway leads to accidents' - Police

Maldives Police Service has cautioned that stopping while driving on the bridge and highway leads to accidents on the Sinamale' Bridge and its adjoining highway.

While an accident occurred on Saturday evening on the bridge connecting Male' to airport island Hulhule' and reclaimed suburb Hulhumale', the police said the accident took place when an approaching motorbike collided with a second motorbike that had stopped on the side of the road and was attempting to drive off once again.

A 30-year-old woman was driving the stopped vehicle, while a 26-year-old was maneuvering the approaching motorbike. Both drivers possessed driving licenses, said the police. The drivers sustained injuries in the accident and were treated at Hulhumale' Hospital. The two vehicles are also damaged in the collision.

The police said while it is prohibited to stop on the bridge and the highway, stopping vehicles in these areas leads to dangerous road accidents. The police urged the public to exercise caution when traveling via the bridge, and requested to conform to the traffic laws and rules while driving.