Dangerous accident on Sinamale' Bridge; no serious injuries

A serious accident occurred Thursday night on the Sinamale' Bridge connecting Male' with the country's main airport and reclaimed suburb Hulhumale'.

The accident occurred around 1:30 am when a jeep collided with vehicles waiting at the traffic light at the end of the bridge. Police said the speeding jeep lost control and hit two motorcycles at the traffic light. All vehicles involved in the incident are badly damaged.

Those injured in the accident were taken to ADK Hospital for treatment, and the 27-year old Bangladeshi driver of the jeep is still being treated, said the police. However, no persons sustained serious injuries in the accident, the police said.

All drivers of the vehicles involved in the accident possessed driving licences. The case is being investigated further.

While video footage of the accident has been circulating on social media, Deputy Mayor of Male' City Council Shamau Shareef tweeted that Thursday night's accident was the most dangerous accident he had witnessed to date.