Defense Min defends national threat Facebook post decision

Defense Minister Adam Shareef Umar has defended the now criticized move of sharing threat to national security information on Facebook.

Minister Umar claimed of receiving credible reports of attempts to undermine the peace and security of Maldives. He further said Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) and Maldives Police Service will be investigating the matter further.

However, defense minister's statement has not so far been echoed through any official communication channel via the respective ministry of home ministry.

Adam Shareef Umar assured Maldives will stand up against any forces acting to topple the peace and sovereignty of the island nation.

Defending his action of publicly posting the statement on the social media platform, minister Umar said he does not see any reason for the ridicule he is directed from opposition. He also suspected opposition was attempting to exaggerate the issue.

Meanwhile Maldives opposition had severely criticized defense minister for his action including opposition coalition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

Solih lambasted Umar for acting irresponsibly over a deeply concerning matter and said the minister should have used official communication channels to detail about his statement to the Maldivian public.