Full investigation launched into chemical warehouse fire

Home Ministry has stated that a full investigation has been launched into the fire that broke out in a chemical warehouse on Friday.

The investigation is being conducted by Maldives Police Service with the assistance of Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF), said Home Ministry.

Friday night's fire broke out at a chemical warehouse on Abadhah Fehi Magu in capital Male', and spread to nearby warehouses and several residential buildings, claiming the life of one.

Speaking on the probe, Home Ministry on Monday said the investigation is being overseen and closely monitored by the Home Minster and Defence Minister.

The ministry urged to refrain from spreading unverified facts that could result in mass hysteria and fear during the time of investigation. Such acts could obstruct the investigation, said the Ministry.

The fire on Abadhah Fehi Magu took six grueling hours to be controlled. Seven buildings were completely destroyed in the fire.