Vehicles removed from site for investigation: Police

Maldives Police Services stated that the vehicles that were damaged and destroyed in Friday night's fire are being removed from the site for inspection and investigation purposes.

A large number of vehicles were torched down during the massive fire that occurred on Abadhahfeh Magu in capital Male'. While some of the vehicles received fire damage, others were damaged while being moved away from the location. The police are working to identify the vehicles in their custody an finding their owners, they said.

Friday night's tragic fire originated in a chemical warehouse in Abadhahfehi Magu, Henveiru which spread to three other warehouses and six homes in the same area.

MNDF rescued all but one of the resident from the burning buildings - the charred body of the victim, Aishath Shauna was not found until later. Police and MNDF are working on clearing the area and are checking if traces of chemicals are still in the air.