Opposition promises 'safe environment' for journalists

Opposition coalition running-mate Faisal Naseem claims under an opposition government journalists and reporters will be provided a safe and friendly environment to attain information and work.

Naseem had been one of the most stiff dissenting voices on amendments to freedom of express in Maldives Constitution restricting flexibility of local media and journalistic practices.

The opposition running-mate had also claimed media as a prime estate of the country responsible of questioning the government for its actions.

Naseem claimed under an opposition led government journalism will be freed of the 'shackles' its forced to currently and promised journalists will be provided a safer environment to work.

While addressing regarding the issue of press freedom Naseem noted that local journalists are not against the incumbent government but rather responsibility addressing the issues and actions by state leaders and other government officials.

Praising the work and commitment as well as the skill of local journalists Naseem said many reporters from Maldives are capable of producing work to international standards but local media lacked appropriate training and skill development programs.

The opposition running-mate promised journalism will be enhanced and reporters will be provided with comprehensive training programs under their regime.