Opposition claims Maldives public anticipate 'change'

Opposition running-mate Faisal Naseem claims the Maldives public is anticipating a paradigm shift in local politics after the crunch presidential elections.

The multi-party coalition backed presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's running-mate Naseem asserts that the Maldivian people were expecting a government change after the presidential polls, which he claims was visible in the concerns from every island he has visited.

While addressing the public of Lhaviyani Naifaru, the opposition running-mate said the citizens were eager for change due to continued malpractice and injustice of the current regime.

Praising the opposition presidential hopeful Naseem commended Solih for his patriotic ideologies and contribution to the island nation. He also said that Solih was a blessing for the island nation.

Opposition running-mate urged from public to caste their votes in favor of Solih if they wish to 'save Maldives from the pit it has fallen into.'

Naseem had praised the political leaders representing opposition coalition when he said that the diverse ideologies of all these political leaders have been pushed aside to work hand-in-hand towards national reform.