Search continues for missing bully victim

Recent reports confirm the bully victim, from a now viral video of social media platforms has gone missing.

According to authorities, they along with the victim's family, were currently trying to find the missing girl.

A video went viral on social media platforms on Friday showing three girls physically assaulting a lone girl.

Her assailants can be heard berating the girl with harsh profanity, while viciously hitting on her face multiple times.

Though the video went viral on Friday the incident originally took place roughly a week back. Meanwhile the minor's family have reported her missing at Family and Child Protection Department (FCPD).

Meanwhile an official from FCPD assured that the 15 year old bully victim has gone missing. However, Maldives Police have not stepped forward with any further information regarding the case.

The video has attracted severe lambaste from Maldives public while many are holding Gender Ministry accountable for their apparent negligence.