New Radiant loses to Club Eagles at Youth Championship

New Radiant loses to Club Eagles 2 - 4 although the former managed a two goal lead during the game at Youth Championship match.

New Radiant's youth squad managed to take the lead during Wednesday evening's game on third minute of match-play by Yoosuf Jaisham Nafiz.

The team managed to increase its lead 2 - 0 by the 30th minute of the game scored once again by Nafiz.

Before the half-time whistle Club Eagles managed to wipe their nil on the game's 41st minute, scored by Ahmed Samah.

Club Eagles' equalizer was shot by Hussain Ahsam Moosa on the game's 76th minute while Ibrahim Ilhan Ismail scored their third goal of the game on the 82nd minute.

Samah pushed the ball during the very last minutes of the game to hike their score to 4 goals against New Radiant; making his second successful attempt in the game.

The player was also awarded man-of-the-match post the final whistle.