Famous sports reporter resigns from 'politicizing' PSM

Locally famous sports reporter and newscaster Hafsy Abdulla has resigned from state owned Public Service Media (PSM) over the channel's overly 'politicized' stance.

Following his resignation the famous reporter released a statement on Saturday noting he joined the channel back in 2005 over his affection and love towards the field of journalism and sports; and added he hoped to work in an politically unbiased and transparent environment.

"State media in every country should act as its most trustworthy and unbiased channel of spreading information," Hafsy Abdulla noted adding a state owned media was responsible in spreading unbiased knowledge with regards to social, political and disciplinary values.

The sports reporter criticized Public Service Media (PSM) no longer functioned under transparency, stressing he has not witnessed a time when the media has been 'infested' with this level of political coercion and influence previously.

He also claimed the channel was currently broadcasting content in clear violation of journalistic and ethical values.

Recently the state run media's sports department was dissolved leaving its newscasters and reporters without a proper hierarchical oversight.

Furthermore Hafsy Abdulla claimed that he no longer believes the media outlet was capable of broadcasting unbiased and trustworthy content to the Maldivian public; stating it has been heavily compromised by the government.

Following his resignation, the skilled reporter tweeted that he was against injustice, corruption and oppression and will continue to firmly make his stand.

Regarded as one of the best and most skilled sports reporters in Maldives, the journalist received National Award of Encouragement for his many contributions and achievements in the field back in 2016.