Thieves on bike snatches lady's handbag in broad daylight

Maldives Police Service on Tuesday confirmed they were investigating a purse snatching incident caught on video - which went viral on social media platforms later on.

The video footage showed two men on a bike riding up to a woman riding on a separate bike and forcefully snatching her handbag before speeding away.

The video shows clearly the men attempting to a drive by loot, but they fail to snatch the woman's handbag while on bike. The attempt throws the woman's bike out of balance, and she comes to a halt with one leg of her 'anchored' to the ground to avoid falling.

The men overtake her and one of the culprits run back and forcefully snatches her handbag before getting on his associate's bike and hurling off.

Public outrage mounted with harsh criticism on local police over loss of public safety, in light of the now viral video.

Police on Tuesday tweeted they were currently investigating daylight robbery. Additionally authorities requested to inform such incidents immediately to police instead of sharing it on social media.