Van flips at Hulhumale' causeway injuring several

A van traveling at high-speed from Hulhumale' causeway linked to airport island Hulhule', which extended as a highway reaching Maldives capital Male' City flipped causing injuries to the several on Monday.

Maldives Police confirmed a collision at Hulhumale' resulted in several injuries, but was unable to further comment on the incident.

Hulhumale' Hospital on Monday evening confirmed four injured in the accident were rushed into for medical attention around 23:30hrs.

Reports further confirm that there have been no serious injuries, however many had visible bruises on their limbs.

Eyewitness accounts claim the van speeding towards the Hulhumale'-Hulhule' linking road hit a car, resulting in the vehicle flipping. Passerby vehicles and bystanders helped the injured passengers out of the flipped vehicle.

While it has not been a complete week since Sinamale' Bridge opened for public transportation, the number of accidents near the structure and the connecting causeways has increased.