Accident in Hulhumale damages vehicles

An accident occurred Saturday in reclaimed suburbs Hulhumale' when a car collided with a bus.

The police said they received reports of an accident on Saturday afternoon around 1530 hrs. The accident occurred when a car collided with a bus on Hulhumale’ Nirolhu Magu. No person was injured in the collision even though both the vehicles were damaged to some extent.

The police further said both the drivers possessed the respective categories of licenses. The reason for the accident is being investigated.

Accidents have been occurring from time to time since the establishment of highway and opening of Sina-Male Bridge. Last year, two dangerous accidents took place in Hulhumale involving buses. In one of the accidents, a bus operated by Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTTC) collided with a motorbike, killing one. The bus driver was arrested and later released.

Moreover, during the last Ramazan, a pedestrian was run over by a bus and died on the spot. It was reported that the accident occurred when the bus driver fell asleep at the wheel.