HRCM publishes guidelines on carrying out postmortems

Human Rights Commission of the Maldives has published postmortem guidelines and a model postmortem report form.

HRCM revealed that the guidelines were enacted to empower the right to live and the right to freedom and self protection that is assured by the Maldivian Constitution and by international organizations.

The new guidelines would encourage the investigation of suspicious death and child deaths, while also holding the government accountable to responsibilities tasked to the state through mutual agreements with other entities.

Guidelines on the protocol to be followed in conducting autopsies on individuals who died under suspicious circumstances while under the responsibility of the state, and protocols on sharing information with the families of the deceased and state entities have also been enacted, said HRCM.

Another purpose of establishing autopsy guidelines is to overcome the challenges faced in presenting medical tests as evidence in legal cases involving questionable deaths.

HRCM further said that postmortem guidelines need to be reviewed promptly by relevant authorities, and other relevant guidelines need to be enacted soon by state authorities in order to ensure that the purpose of the new guidelines are fulfilled effectively. The general public and local have to be familiarized with the guidelines to assure the right to live and the right to protection and freedom, added HRCM.