Govt to expand Aasandha services to Maldivians in Sri Lanka

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced on Sunday that national medical insurance, Aasandha coverage will be made available to Maldivians residing in neighboring Sri Lanka starting from April.

The President made the statement while meeting the Maldivian students and families in Sri Lanka, during his three-day state visit to the country.

In his speech, President Solih said the government is working with relevant authorities to expand Aasandha coverage to Maldivians residing in other neighboring countries, in addition to Sri Lanka.

The President noted that during his last visit to the country, the Maldivian community had appealed the president to provide an ease on student loans. The government has now addressed the concerns by offering a more flexible and lax loan scheme, revealed the President.

Highlighting the age old friendship between Maldives and Sri Lanka, President Solih urged the Maldivian community to respect the host nation while displaying exemplary behavior.

The President further noted the contributions of Sri Lanka towards the Maldives, and declared that Sri Lanka is a key partner in promoting democracy in the archipelago. President Solih thanked Sri Lanka for their unwavering support to the island nation.

President Solih is visiting Sri Lanka to take part in the country's 71st Independence Day celebrations. He is expected to meet with Sri Lankan resident, Maithripala Sirisena during his visit to hold official talks with Sri Lanka. Key areas of development and ways to strengthen the bilateral relations between both countries will be discussed during the meeting.