Suspicions raised over death in Villingili

The police have expressed concern over the death of the man discovered dead in Ga. Villingili on Sunday.

The body of 39-year old Simad, originally from southernmost Addu, was discovered near a boat house in Villingili early morning on Sunday.

The police said that several burn marks were visible on his body, although the injuries were not inflicted using a sharp object. He was already dead when the body was taken to the hospital.

According to residents of Villingili island, the injuries were on the neck and legs of the body. While the skin around the injured areas had been severely scraped, it is likely that the injuries were due to fire or electricity.

It has been reported that Simad was arrested last November for breaking in to the Villingili branch of Bank of Maldives.

The police are investigating the case further, while no arrests have been made thus far in connection to his death.