28 idols withheld from Indian tourists

Maldives Customs Service has withheld a large number of religious idol being brought into Maldives.

The laws of Maldives do not allow the import of religious idols into the country.

Maldives Customs Service revealed that they withheld a large number of idols being attempted to be imported into the Maldives by four visiting Indian locals on tourist visa. The idols were divided into 13 different pieces of luggage between the four men, revealed Customs.

The incident occurred on Sunday night, it was reported.

When questioned regarding the idols, the four individual claimed they were "artifacts" and that the four men were visiting Maldives for a "peaceful gathering".

28 different idols of various sizes were seized by customs. The four individuals, along with their idols have now left the country.

Those who import illegal items into the Maldives have the option to leave the items with Customs when entering Maldives and collecting them before departure.