Pres. restores powers of home minister

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has restored the authorities of the home minister previously constricted during former president Yameen Abdul Gayyoom's administration.

President Yameen in 2016 had stripped some authorities granted to the home minister over displeasure at some actions of then-home minister Umar Naseer.

President Yameen transferred to the president the authority granted to the home minister to directly communicate and order police officers, stripping the home minister of the power.

Speaking at a campaign event in Sh. Komandoo on Saturday, President Solih said all paperwork necessary to restore the authorities of the home minister have been completed last Thursday, and the restoration has now been formalized.

"I became president to reform all problematic issues. I was able to become president with the joint effort of several parties. I am working towards reforming problematic changes that have been brought to our laws", said president Solih.

The home minister of the current government is Sheikh Imran Abdulla, the leader of religiously conservative Adaalath party. Last week, the president met with the executive board of the police at the police HQ.

President Yameen constricted the powers of the home minister when Umar Naseer had ordered the police to look into a case of possible bribery involving the vice president Ahmed Adeeb. Umar's attempts to eradicate gangs in the Maldives had escalated negatively at the time.