Police arrest eight after spate of street robberies

Eight people have been arrested in connection to the robberies involving MIFCO and BHM Traders.

The police revealed that two suspects aged 19 and 23 have been arrested in connection to the robbery of MVR two million that occurred after forcefully stopping a MIFCO van on a Male' road last Wednesday. The 23 year old was taken into police custody sometime on Saturday evening and have been remanded into 15 days in custody. The 19 year old was arrested later the same night.

Six people, who are suspected of having seized MVR 2.3 million belonging to BHM traders near State Bank of India by concealing their identity using helmets, have also been arrested, said the police. The suspects are two 23 year old men, a 21 year old, an 18 year old and three minors.

There has been a recent upsurge in cases of snatching occurring in Male' and reclaimed suburbs Hulhumale.