No reason to delay election, says pres.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that there is no reason to delay the parliamentary election.

The parliamentary election is scheduled to be held next week on 6th April.

Speaking at an MDP campaign event in Hdh. Hanimaadhoo, the President said he is aware that opposing Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and Peoples' National Congress (PNC) are working to delay the parliamentary election through a court order.

Rumors have been circulating on social media that the Progressive coalition between PPM and PNC are attempting to ensure that the verdict on the former president's account freeze is delivered in Yameen's favour, after which they would then work to obtain a Supreme Court order to delay the election. The hearing on the account freeze has been scheduled at the High Court for 2pm on Sunday afternoon.

"As usual, the opposing PPM congress are working to delay the election, and we are well aware of it. This is exactly how they operated during their governance, however, we are very vigilant. Hopefully, the election will be held on 6th April, the date scheduled for the election by the Elections Commission (EC)", said the President.

Rebuking his predecessor, President Solih said the country's experience during the last five years have been bitter. Although the former president claims peace and prosperity will come over the country if an opposition majority is attained in the parliament, it would only cause chaos and unrest, warned the president. During Yameen's presidency, the whole parliament was in a mayhem when Yameen's party held parliament majority, noted the president.

Speaking further, President Solih cautioned that the country has already experienced the consequences that would follow if a pro-government majority is not ensured during former president Mohamed Nasheed's presidency in 2008.