Project costs decreased by 50%, says Pres.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that the cost of projects undertaken by the government has been decreased by 50%.

Speaking at a campaign event in Meedhoo island of Dhaalu atoll, President Solih said during the previous government's rule, projects involved corruption and deceit, and undue advantage was taken by many, due to which the cost of projects were higher than the actual expense. However, now that bids have been opened equally, the true prices of the same projects have become clear, the president said.

"For example, for the same water and sewerage system that were installed for USD 70 million, the bids we receive today are as low as MVR 27 million. Meaning if the work was done in 50 islands then, we can now do the same work in 100 islands. If we can eradicate corruption and thievery within the government, if we can conduct all work with transparency, the government can fulfill all basic needs of the people with the revenue generated by the state", said President Solih.

Speaking on the upcoming parliamentary election, the president stressed on the importance of the election, reminding the people that only 3 days remain till election date.

"The vote you cast on Saturday is a vote cast to decide between going back to the autocratic corruption we used to witness and the change we desire",he said.

Highlighting important issues that need to be addressed, the president noted the importance of setting a minimum wage, and reforming laws as important tasks of the parliament. Therefore, a pro-government MDP majority is imperative to expedite the fulfillment of pledges made to the people, he said.

Later traveling to Biledhdhoo island of Faafu atoll, the president met with the residents of the island and said hope has today been restored in the hearts of the people, and the people are now confident that democracy can be re-built in the nation.

"There is renewed hope that the rights assured by the Maldivian Constitution will be restored to the people. There is hope that corruption and thievery within the government can be abolished. These are all promises we have made after listening to the complaint of the people. We have started work to fulfill the pledges we have made to the people", he said.

The President acknowledged that almost all key pledges targeted to be achieved within the first 100 days of administration have been fulfilled. In order to bring about the desired changes in the coming days, the role of the parliament is very important, therefore, it is equally important to ensure that the parliament majority is held by lawmakers who support 'Agenda 19', he said.

The parliamentary election is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 6th April.