Artificial Beach to be re-opened by Ramadan

Temporarily closed recreational area, Artificial beach in capital Male’ will be re-opened in time for Ramadan after undergoing renovations.

Male’ City Council revealed that renovation has been ongoing at the beach area for a while. The beach was first built with the assistance of the government of Japan, under the project to enact a sea wall around the coast of the island.

Deputy Mayor Shamau Shareef said the ongoing work at the Artificial Beach is expected to be completed by Ramadan, and will represent a recreational park by the end of the project.

When the main outer ring road of Male’ City was widened after installing asphalt, the Artificial Beach has become a ‘parking area’ for vehicles. The City Council removed some vehicles parked at the location and commenced renovation works on January 14.

The former government of President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom had awarded the project of renovating the Artificial Beach to Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) for MVR 13 million. The cafe’s being run at the location were closed and the stages built at the location were torn down as part of the renovation project. Work has been ongoing for 24 hours at the location for a number of days.

General Manager of MTCC Mohamed Husham had earlier stated that the project was delayed as the design proposed by the company was not approved by the former government, and a re-design had to be done.

While the City Council has announced that the beach will be re-opened to the public by Ramadan, MTCC has also confirmed that trees will be planted at the location, and additional benches will be installed. Toilets and showers for swimmers will also be constructed, in addition to dredging the beach area to increase depth of the swimming area. Lifeguards will also be stationed at the renovated Artificial beach.