Crowd rallies at Maamigili island over health-care concerns

The people of Maamigili island are rallying in protest over the lack of basic medical facilities available in the island.

The health center in the island, which has a population of about 5000 people, does not provide basis services such as x-ray facilities, and the people of the island are forced to travel to Male’ over the most trivial issues, said the organizer of the rally.

The peaceful rally was conducted on Thursday evening, and will be organized periodically, the organizers informed. The purpose of the rally is to bring the situation of healthcare in the island to the attention of the government, he said.

The protest comes after a man died in an accident that occurred at the island’s airport earlier on Wednesday. Ahmed Rasheed, 30, was hit by a fire truck and died in the accident, with his family claiming that the victim had not received adequate treatment for his injuries from the island health center.

Ahmed Rasheed’s injuries were not visible on the outside, however, he died due to internal injuries sustained in the accident. The Health Center is not equipped to handle such injuries