Pres. Solih urges local businesses not to raise prices during Ramadan

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has urged local businesses not to raise the prices of daily food items during the month of Ramadan.

In his remark on the occasion of Ramadan, President Solih said the temporary benefits of raising prices will be far exceeded by the spiritual rewards of practicing generosity and compassion during this Holy Month.

President Solih said the lessons of Ramadan include the importance of empathy and compassion in the society and strengthening family ties.

Noting that the blessed month is a golden opportunity gifted by Allah (swt) for Muslims all over the world to engage in spirituality, President Solih urged all Maldivians to perform their prayers and fast during the day, and to read the Holy Quran and engage in charity and night worship to reap the rewards of this Holy month.

Th President further underscored the importance of practicing patience and forgiveness, and helping people and being generous, in order to instill the values in ourselves during this month. He further appealed to the ‎Maldivian people to mirror proper social etiquette and civic duty in their ‎daily conduct, during Ramadan.