Police seize Iranian boat trafficking drugs in the Maldives

Police on Monday seized an Iranian boat trafficking drugs in the Maldives.

The vessel was intercepted in Baa atoll in a special operation conducted jointly by Maldives National Defense Force and Maldives Police Service. Stopped 126 miles southwest in Baa atoll, the boat is currently being searched and inspected, and a large number of drugs have been discovered in the boat thus far, it has been reported.

Seven people have been arrested in connection to the case. It is not clear whether those arrested include Maldivians.

In a similar incident during March 2014, an Iranian ship attempting to smuggle in 24kg of drugs into the Maldives was seized by authorities between Baa and Alif Alif atoll. Maldivians were involved in the case.

Maldivian authorities continue to crack down on drug trafficking networks, with many drug peddlers being arrested in the recent months.