Hearing reveals serious allegations against top court judge

Thursday's open hearing on the disciplinary cases raised against top court judge Abdulla Didi have revealed several serious allegations against the judge.

While the judge is accused of having accepted embezzled funds from the largest graft scandal in Maldivian history - the MMPRC scandal, Judge Didi is also alleged to have been involved in the disappearance of journalist Ahmed Rilwan.

During the hearing, the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) publicized two letters sent to the commission by Maldives Police Service.

One of the letters stated that the police are aware that part of the funds received as acquisition cost of uninhabited islands through MMPRC and subsequently laundered were received by the Judge on multiple occasions while he was a judge. It also said the police are investigating a case where the judge allegedly misused his position for personal gain.

The police additionally made serious allegations against the judge, linking him to the disappearance of journalist Ahmed Rilwan.

The second letter stated police had evidence that two suspects involved in Rlwan's disappearance were released on the judge's orders. A man with a criminal record was in contact with the judge to mediate the release of the two suspects, the letter said further. The judge is said to have been involved in corruption in these instances.

During Thursday's hearing, the Judge denied all allegations against him and requested for additional time to respond to the allegations.

JSC made the decision to suspend Judge Abdulla Didi last week following notification of an ongoing police investigation against the judge. However, the Supreme Court issued a stay order on JSC's suspension, ordering all authorities not to take any action against Didi.

Despite the Supreme Court order, JSC maintained their suspension on Didi, stating that the Supreme Court order obstructed the commission.

The Supreme Court subsequently issued a second order, declaring that all action taken based on the JSC's decision defying Supreme Court orders as invalid.