JSC committee seeks top court judge's dismissal

Judcial Service Commission (JSC)'s investigative committee has recommended to seek Supreme Court Judge Abdulla Didi's dismissal through the parliament.

A motion can be filed at the parliament to dismiss a judge only through a decision made at a JSC sitting.

Judge Didi is accused of accepting bribes to influence and issue certain verdicts - cases which are currently under investigation by the police. He is also accused of releasing the suspects involved in the case of missing journalist Ahmed Rilwan.

During Monday's sitting, the judicial watchdog accepted the report prepared by the investigative committee based on their findings on Judge Didi's case. The report recommended to seek Judge Didi's dismissal by filing a motion at the parliament.

During the sitting, the commission agreed to grant the mandated 30-days for Judge Didi to respond to the committee's report.

The disciplinary cases against Judge Didi were heard in an open sitting by the Judicial Service Commission. During the sitting, Judge Didi refused to answer any questions, although he later set in a written response. He then flew abroad to Malaysia for medical purposes.