Hearing on Judge Didi's suspension scheduled for this afternoon

A hearing will be held today on Supreme Court Justice Abdulla Didi's complaint to dismiss the suspension imposed on him by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

The hearing has been scheduled for 1.15 pm this afternoon. Chief Justice Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Didi, Justices Adam Mohamed Abdulla and Abdul Ghani Mohamed will be presiding over the case filed against JSC.

JSC suspended Judge Didi over disciplinary complaints filed against the judge. However, following his suspension, he filed a constitutional dispute, after which the the Supreme Court issued a stay order, and ordered all authorities not to proceed with the suspension.

Justice Didi then continued to attend to his official duties, stating that he will follow the Supreme Court's decision on the matter. However, JSC decided not to follow the stay order issued by the Supreme Court and the commission proceeded with the justice Didi's investigation.

As per Judge Didi's request, JSC held an open investigative meeting which was broadcast live on national TV. During the hearing serious, allegations were made against the judge. However, the Justice denied all allegations against him and requested for additional time to respond to the allegations. Justice Abdulla Didi later responded to the allegations made against him in writing.

Judge Didi then left the country for 'a month', although more than a month has now passed since Didi left the country. While Didi is still in abroad, he had his diplomatic passport cancelled on his request.

Additional complaints against the judge are being investigated by the JSC. While the investigation on the compliant on which he was suspended has been concluded, JSC's investigative committee has recommended to seek his dismissal through the parliament. Didi has been given time to respond to the committee's report.