'Will fund IOIG 2023 through development projects if selected' - Pres

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih stated that if the Maldives were to host the 2023 Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG), the government would not allocate an extravagant budget specifically for the games, and instead will prepare for the event through the implementation of development projects.

Meeting the Maldivian athletes taking part in this years IOIG hosted in Mauritius, President Solih said that it is his sincere hope to get the chance to host the IOIG 2023 in the Maldives.

President Solih acknowledged that public would have many concerns with the government seeking to host such a big event in the Maldives, such as how the necessary stadiums and courts will be constructed, and if Maldives has the financial capability to handle such a project. The President then shared the government' plans on how to organize the event in the Maldives.

"A huge budget would not be allotted for specifically for the event. We intend to provide resources through the country's development projects" said President.

While the pledges of the government are being fulfilled, it will pave the way to host the games in Maldives, said the president. Although a lavish budget would not be allocated for the event, the athletes taking part in the event will receive full support and aid from the state for their training and preparations, assured the President.

Expressing that work is already underway to bring this vision to life, the President assured that his government will provide the resources and opportunities for local athletes to get ready within the four-year interval until the 2023 games. Seeing many young athletes taking part in this year's games give strength to the country's hopes to host IOIG 2023 in the Maldives, said the President.

Adding that Maldivians supporters will no longer be satisfied with winning a single match, the president said the people expect more than just a win from their athletes, and has their targets set on a medal. The president urged the athletes to work on fulfilling the hopes of the people.