Maldives wins bid to host IOIG 2023

IOIG's council has voted to hold the 2023 Indian Ocean Island Games in the Maldives.

The decision was made during the IOIG council meeting held on Saturday morning in this year's IOIG host country, Mauritius.

In addition to Maldives, Mauritius, Madagascar and Comoros were seeking to host the 2023 IOIG games.

Maldives received four votes while Comoros and Madagascar received one vote each.

This is the first time Maldives has been awarded the opportunity to host an international multi-sports event. Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih earlier stated that if selected, the preparations for the event will be completed through development projects already pledged by the government.

"A huge budget would not be allotted for specifically for the event. We intend to provide resources through the country's development projects" said President.

While the pledges of the government are being fulfilled, it will pave the way to host the games in Maldives, said the president. Although a lavish budget would not be allocated for the event, the athletes taking part in the event will receive full support and aid from the state for their training and preparations, the President had assured.