Maldives Police launch probe into vessel on which ex-VP fled to India

Maldives Police are investigating 'Virgo 9', the Singapore-registered tug boat on which former vice president Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Ghafoor attempted to flee to India.

Police revealed they instructed Maldives Customs Service to detain the vessel over an ongoing investigation. However, they did not reveal the details of their investigation.

The police confirmed that no crewmen aboard the vessel has been arrested.

Former Vice President Adeeb was discovered last Thursday as he attempted to enter Tuticorin, India on the tugboat. The vessel loaded gravel from Indonesia and stopped at Maldives before continuing its journey to India. Nine Indonesian crewmen and one Indian crewman were aboard the ship at the time. It was the Indian crewman who foiled Adeeb's attempts to flee the country by bringing his presence aboard the vessel to the attention of Indian authorities.

Adeeb fled to India while an active travel ban was imposed on him. He has since been transported back to Maldives and remanded to 15 days in custody.