Maldivian govt appeals to Australia to grant Kayban's visa

The Government of Maldives has appealed to the Australian government to arrange visa for 3-year old Maldivian boy, Kayban Jamshaad facing deportation from Australia.

The request was made on behalf of the Maldivian Government by Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid, who met with Australia's Deputy Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Richard Maude to discuss the matter on Tuesday.

Following the meeting, Minister Shahid revealed on Twitter that he requested the Australian government to grant visa to Kayban on humanitarian grounds.

Kayban Jamshad is diagnosed with severe hemophilia - a bleeding disorder which stops blood clotting - and an acquired brain injury caused during delivery. Born in Western Australia, Kayban is facing deportation due to the high cost of his health care.

Under Australia's immigration laws, visa applications can be rejected if the applicant has any condition which could result in significant healthcare costs or prejudice the access of Australian citizens and residents to health services. It is under those criteria that Australia’s Department of Home Affairs is barring Kayban visa and citizenship status in the country.

Due to his condition, he requires weekly medication and round-the-clock care. Medical specialists state that Maldives is not equipped to manage Kayban's complex health needs, and so deporting him would be detrimental to his well-being.

Kayban's family has been treating Kayban with their own funds for the past three years. Kayban's mother Aishath Shizleen said it is unreasonable for the Australian government to reject Kayban's visa on the basis that the family cannot afford Kayban's treatment, said Shizleen.