Australian visa issued to Kaiban

The Australian visa is issued to Kaiban Jamshad, the 3-year-old Maldivian child who was about to be deported from Australia due to visa issue.

Mr. Abdulla Shahid, Minister of Foreign Affairs revealed, in a tweet that visa arrangement is made to Kaiban. Visa is issued to Kaiban subsequent to Minister Shahid’s meeting with the Deputy Secretary of Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Richard Moder and requesting to arrange visa for Kaiban. Minister Shahid made the request on 4th of September 2019 on behalf of the government.

In a tweet Minister Shahid stated that he is thankful for the Foreign Ministry and the government of Australia for arranging Kaiban’s visa. He further said that he wishes well for Kaiban and hope that Kaiban will get the best treatment in Australia.

Kaiban Jamshad has brain disorders since birth and is having blood clot issues due to Hemophilia. Australian born Kaiban was to be deported from Australia saying that if medical treatment is provided by the Australian government then, it will be a huge amount of money spent from Australia.

As per the Australian Immigration Law, the visa can be held back for people who have severe health conditions. The nature of Kaiban’s disease requires certain treatments every week. The health specialists say since there are no facilities for Kaiban's treatment in the Maldives, if Kaiban is deported from Australia, his life might be threatened.

Kaiban’s mother Aishath Shizleen said that in the past three years also it is the family who spent on Kaiba’s treatment. The Australian government's decision to deport Kaiban saying that the family might not be able to bear the cost of Kaiba’s medical expenses is baseless.

The case of Kaiban was on the global media as well.