Use of life jackets to be made mandatory in two weeks

Transport Ministry has revealed that wearing life jackets during sea travel will be made mandatory within the next two weeks.

Speaking at the 'Saigadi' program held to give information on the ministry's work, Minister Ahmed Adil revealed that regulations will be made in the next two weeks which would make it mandatory for all passengers traveling via sea to wear life jackets.

'We are hoping to reach a decision within the next two weeks. We believe life jackets must be worn during sea travel to ensure safety. We are currently in discussion and hope to reach a decision within two weeks or earlier", he said.

The Ministry said the Coast Guard and Marine Police will be working together to oversee and ensure that the regulation is bring enforced.

"In actuality, it is the responsibility of the vessel captain to ensure that the regulation is being followed. The Marine police and Coast Guard will monitor if it is being enforced. While they will be conducting random checks, it will be impossible to keep monitoring vessels at all times."

Adil also emphasized the importance of personal responsibility and urged citizens to respect the regulations to ensure their safety.

A tragic sea accident recently killed five after a speedboat capsized off Hanimaadhoo. While none of the passengers were wearing life-jackets, the incident has increased awareness on the importance of life jackets.