MP Siyam holds lowest Parliament attendance

The Parliament’s attendance report reveals MP Ahmed Siyam Mohamed holds the lowest attendance at parliament this year.

The report detailing the attendance record of members was publicised on Tuesday. According to the report, the lowest attendance is held by Meedhoo Constituency's MP Ahmed Siyam Mohamed.

Since May 28 this year, the parliament held 47 sittings. While MP Siyam was present at 16 sittings, he failed to attend 31 sittings.

Eydhafushi MP Ahmed Saleem followed behind, who was absent for 9 sittings.

All sittings were consistently attended by 28 members.

The 19th Parliament holds the record for most sittings held in a term, as well as the record for being the most productive. 70% of parliamentary work was completed within the first term.

While 466 committee meetings, which holds the heaviest work load were held this term, members spent a total of 548 hours and 23 minutes on the meetings.

According to parliament rules, the second term of the current parliament is scheduled to take place from beginning of June to end of August. The third term would be from beginning of October until end of November.