Male' city roads to be repaired to prevent flooding

Male' City Council on Saturday revealed that a road development project is being planned to bring a permanent solution to the flooding of roads in capital Male' during the rainy season.

Speaking at the news conference held at the Male' City Council, Deputy Mayor Shamau Shareef said the council is working hard to find a solution to the issue of flooding during the rainy season.

After the flooding incident that occurred on December 3rd last year, the City Council is always prepared and on standby to attend to such a situation, said Shamau. The council jointly with MWSC periodically checks the water pumps to ensure that they are ready to be utilized during any flooding incident that may occur, he added.

Shamau further said while the council is working on designing a project to effectively address the issue of flooding, the work will conclude by October, after which the plans will be publicized for public opinion.

"Currently, our staff are working on a project to repair the roads of Male' and to stop flooding. On October 1st, it will be publicized for public opinion. It is not practical for everyone to stay up all night to recede flood water every time the roads are flooded" said Shamau.

A rainstorm on Friday night flooded the roads and homes in Male' city. While the flood water affected 111 households, over 50,000 sacks of sand had to be used to barricade homes to prevent floodwater from entering houses, said Shamau.