NIC members summoned to 241 committee over murdered journo case

Members of the National Integrity Commission (NIC) have been summoned to the parliamentary committee dedicated to security services (241 committee) in regard to police negligence in investigating the abduction and murder of Miniwan News journalist Ahmed Rilwan.

Last June, the parliament approved to investigate police conduct in handling the investigation of Rilwan's abduction. Afterwards, the 241 committee began their own probe into police conduct pertaining to the particular case, which is still ongoing.

The members who attended the committee meeting held Tuesday decided that the NIC should be summoned to the committee as they had conducted an investigation into police conduct in Rilwan's case. While a date on which the NIC will be summoned to the committee has not been announced, the rest of Tuesday's committee meeting was conducted behind closed doors.

NIC has previously stated that there is no evidence of police misconduct in handling Rilwan's case. However, according to the report issued by Presidential Commission investigating murders and enforced disappearances on Rilwan's murder, the police had received information about Rilwan's abduction prior to the incident, but had failed to take any action.

The report also detailed out how two intel officers had tried to make it appear that Rilwan had been killed in Syria, by attempting to create a passport in Rilwan's name.

Said report is currently being investigated by the 241 committee.